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With the growing number of books being produced with Audio capabilities, we thought at BNBS  we should introduce a page dedicated to these.
More to be added soon.



TITLE : In Extremis A Hellbound Novella Chapter 2
AUTHOR : David McCaffrey :
NARRATOR : William L. Sturdevant

Click for audio : HERE

It's 1888. Whitechapel. Think you know the story? You don't know jack....




TITLE : Toxic City: Walkers in the Mist
AUTHOR : Dangel Angello : NARRATOR : Anna Marie Peloso

Click for audio : HERE

The world is now a savage place, where nature is caustic and mankind is deadly. In other words, survival is just another job. 



TITLE : Three Little Maids
AUTHOR : Neal James : NARRATOR : Jack Wynters

Click for audio : HERE

When vengeance calls, death is its shadow
Billy Robertson is out for revenge and the target in his sights is Dennis Marks.







The Stardust Experience
a creative production company specialising in the narration
production and sound design of children's audiobooks