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Available now in paper back & Kindle formats

Available now in paper, Kindle & Audio Formats


Available now in paper, Kindle & Audio Formats






David and Kelly McCaffrey became joint owners of Britain's Next Bestseller in 2016.
David had his debut novel 'Hellbound' published by BNBS in November 2014 to critical and award winning acclaim.
Passionate about supporting indie authors and those struggling to secure a publishing deal, he had always been a strong supporter of original director, Murielle Maupoint's vision to revolutionise the publishing industry. 

"Kelly and I have always believed in Murielle's vision, understanding how difficult it can be to get published in what is a very competitive and hierarchical industry. We intend to maintain her original focus on crowd funding as an option for authors to secure a publishing deal and for readers to decide what gets published. Alongside this, we have developed opportunities for new authors to get their work out there via print on demand packages and a Kindle only option that comes with marketing and promotion included.  
Authors work so hard writing a novel. It's only right that they can see it become a reality and feel supported every step of the way. Fulfilling their dream is our only aim with the intention of finding Britain's Next Bestseller!'

David and Kelly live in Redcar and are also both nurses. They have a Jake, a Liam, a Cole and a dog called Obi. 

Britain’s Next Bestseller, is where readers decide the books that get published. No more editors, literary agents and slush piles. Simply, thousands of readers putting their full support behind new authors and new books.
How Does It Work?
Britain’s Next Bestseller offers Readers:
  • An extensive offering of new writing talent, across all genres
  • The ability to support new authors and help them land a publishing deal – if the book hits its pre-order target, it gets published!
  • A range of rewards including your name printed as a thank you in the books you support
  • Print on demand packages and Kindle only options with inclusive marketing…
  • And so much more...


  1. CARED FOR - BNBS will endeavor to ensure that all of our authors are cared for along with their product. That means access to the best cover designers, marketing professions, proof readers and editors. WE intend to show that it is the authors who matter
  2. INDIVIDUALISED PUBLISHING - The publishing industry changes quickly, as do the genres popular. At BNBS we intend to publish those books that not only capture the current popular, but set new ones. Your writing and the stories you tell are unique and should be treated with a bespoke approach that works for you
  3. DETAIL - We want all our books to look original and stand out. That means everything being perfect, from the cover to the marketing. We want our authors to be successful and will work hard to ensure your title reaches as many people as possible 
  4. COLLABORATION - Engage with your authors. We want to know if there is something you would like, something you don't, something we should offer and something else we should be doing. We want to be better and in order to do that, we will listen to you
  5. ENJOY YOURSELF - Writing should be enjoyable, as should the creative and publishing process. We want it to be as stress-free as possible so that you and your readers come back to us
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