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BNBS Mentoring Offer

We have a fantastic opportunity for someone who has dreams of being a published author.

Someone who has that idea in their mind for a killer novel.

Someone who has that manuscript gathering dust in the back of a drawer.

BNBS are opening up a new service to help those of you who have always wanted to write a novel, but for whatever reason have never gotten around to it.

So, the details.

First, we will listen to your story idea. If we like it and feel it is an idea we can work with, we will personally help you write your novel, editing and reviewing every chapter as you go and working with you to ensure that your manuscript is up to scratch.

We will have your manuscript proofread and copy edited, work with you on your cover design and have one of the best graphic designers create it for you.

We will have it converted and available for sale as an ebook on Amazon, 
Kobo and all leading ebook services.

And most importantly, to anyone dreaming of being an author, we will have it printed and published for you to hold in your hands and to be available in bookstores*

BNBS has always prided itself as being first and foremost a crowdfunding platform. We now also offer ebook only and print on demand 
options, however the majority of manuscripts we receive have usually been proofread and copy edited by the time we receive them, at much expense to the author. In addition, crowdfunding isn't something that everyone feels comfortable with.

So, to that end, we are prepared to offer all of the above to someone who has a great idea, is serious about being an author and is willing to work alongside us to develop their novel. All of this will be available at an extremely reasonable price. When you consider that proofreading can cost anywhere between £200 to £3,000, with copyediting on top of that, cover designs ranging from £5.00 to £300 depending on the quality you are looking for, ebook conversion a few hundred pounds and printing 300 copies of a book costing anywhere up to £600, this is an excellent offer. 

If you are interested and serious, then contact us at and we can discuss the cost but I guarantee it will be very fair and completely worth it! You will be guided from beginning to end, provided with the very best services to help complete your book and ultimately have the guarantee of being published at the end of it.

No literary agents required.

And who knows? You could be Britain's Next Bestseller...

Best wishes,

David & Kelly
Directors BNBS/Live It Ventures LTD

*Whilst we cannot guarantee the bookstores your title will be sold in, we can guarantee it will be made available to all and will be placed into the IPR catalogue for international rights bidding